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Hoss is a fuzzy little mini donkey. He came to us at only two years old and was in very sad condition.  His little hooves were so overgrown that he could hardly walk.  With great love and dedication, we worked with our farrier to give Hoss a pain-free life. It took two years of very special farrier care before he was declared “sound” and could begin a regular hoof care regime. Of course he is a little spoiled and can be quite cheeky.  This sweet boy loves attention and our visitors are happy to oblige.  We have recorded his story in a little storybook called Hope For Chance. If you wish to sponsor this cheeky little show-stealer please choose “Sponsor Hoss” from the drop down list on the donation page. $50 to sponsor. A gift of a donkey sponsorship makes a lovely gift for a loved one.  Just write “Gift Sponsorship” and add their name and address in the “Notes” box on the donation page.

Sponsor Hoss