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Our Key Humans

Keeping the donkeys healthy and safe requires a deep commitment from the key people involved in their care.  This includes the Founders of the Refuge, Our Staff and Management, Our Volunteers, Our Board of Directors and of course, our financial supporters who make the operation of this Refuge possible.

Our Founders

Shirley Mainprize and Robert Miller began their journey with donkeys when they purchased little Maximo and received his mother Maria as a gift.  Their commitment to the rescue and care of donkeys has never waivered as they lead by example. Rob and Shirley work no less than 10 hours each and every day and are on call 24/7 providing animal care, first aid, training, behavioral re-training, farm and staff management, administrative duties, public relations, liaison with the community at large and donkey owners in particular, and anything else that makes the lives of these often misunderstood creatures better – all of this with no remuneration. They plan to take the next step in donkey care – to advocate on behalf of donkey welfare and to provide educational materials for wide distribution.

Our Amazing Staff

Our team of strong, loyal and dedicated barn & office staff make sure that our donkeys have a safe and healthy environment.

Our Volunteers

A special thank you to our small but committed team of volunteers.  They groom and walk donkeys, clean barns, staff the store, and work hard at our fundraising events.

Our Donors

Hundreds of financial supporters and advocates who, through their generosity, ensure that we are able to continue to help donkeys in distress.

Our Board of Directors

The Refuge appreciates the support of our Board of Directors who have stepped forward to help with the success of our efforts.

  • Shirley Mainprize – President/Co-Founder/Executive Director
  • Robert Miller – Vice-President/Co-Founder/Farm Administrator/Donkey Care Administrator
  • Kris Tomson – Treasurer
  • Lisa Marshall – Secretary
  • Bridget Ady – Granting

Special Advisor to the Board

Leanne Rutley, Associate Lawyer, Nixon Wenger LLP Lawyers, Vernon BC