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When You Visit

In order to be sure that you have a wonderful experience here at the Donkey Refuge the following questions and answers will help you to plan for your visit:

Q: Are you a petting zoo?
A: We are actually a working “farm” dedicated to caring for donkeys and mules that are here at their forever home. You are encouraged to visit with the donkeys over the fences and they are very happy to receive your kind words, hugs and scritches. For your safety and that of the donkeys, no visitors are permitted inside the donkey enclosures or inside the barn/infirmary areas. Do not share any food with the donkeys.

Q: Can we ride a donkey?
A: No.

Q: Can we visit whenever we want?
A: Our visitor hours and days are designed to fit with the care schedule for the donkeys which includes feeding, health care, keeping them in a safe and clean environment and providing various levels of training and structured activity. During the closed times the donkeys also need to rest. Hours and open days also change from season to season. We are closed to visitors during the winter months for the safety of both the visitors and the donkeys.  Please check the Events Page to see our current open hours & upcoming special events.

Q: Where can we find information about the hours and days you are currently open?
A: At the bottom of each page of this website there is a green banner that tells you when we are currently open for visits. Bear in mind that we are mindful of the weather conditions during the non-peak season so it is best to check the website before driving out. While we realize that these times and dates may not work for everybody, they are necessary so that we can properly care for the donkeys and mules.

Q: How long should we plan for our visit?
A: We suggest at least an hour to thoroughly enjoy your visit here at the Refuge. In addition to visiting the donkeys and mules, we have a lovely Donkey Shoppe where you can purchase a special memento of your time with the donkeys and gifts for your friends and family.  The Shoppe also offers light snacks & drinks for purchase.  Many visitors like to bring a lunch and enjoy a peaceful picnic at our picnic tables & on the sundeck where you can watch the donkeys.

Q: Is there a discount for families or larger groups?
A: Not at this time.  Please contact us if you would like to bring a group larger than 20 people so we can be ready for your visit.

Q: How do I get to the Refuge?
A: Please see our Driving Directions.

Q: I want to bring my employees out to volunteer for the day.  Can I do this?
A: Not at this time.  Our primary mission is Donkey Care & we are currently unable to spare the staff & trained volunteers that is required to safely accommodate large groups of 1-day volunteers.  If your corporate group would like to run a fundraiser for the Donkeys, please contact us.


Q: I am mobility challenged. Will I be able to enjoy my visit?
A: Most areas are accessible for wheelchairs and walkers and the fences do not prohibit interaction with the donkeys.

Q: Is there parking?
A: Yes we have ample parking available.

Q: Can we donate to the donkey care while we are visiting?
A: ABSOLUTELY …. all donations are tax-deductible and we provide you with a tax receipt. We accept cash, cheques, VISA/Mastercard, and Debit and these can also be used for your admission and for Shoppe purchases. Information about helping with the care of the donkeys is available in the Donkey Shoppe and our hosts will be happy to assist you. The most popular donation programs for our visitors are the “Buy-A-Bale” and the Donkey Sponsorship programs.

Q: How do we find out about the donkeys while we are visiting?
A: After a short welcome at the Shoppe, you are encouraged to do a walk-about in the barn and paddock areas where you will find information signs and boards that will share important facts about donkeys and mules. This self-guided tour format allows you to enjoy the donkeys at your own pace. If you have specific questions after your walk-about, please ask at the shop or one of our volunteers that are working with the donkeys or assisting visitors in the barn. Please remember that the first priority for the staff is donkey care and comfort.

Q: Can we bring our pets with us?
A: Yes and we are very firm that your pet must accompany you on your walk-about rather than being left in your vehicle so please be sure to bring a leash. We request that you pick up after your pooch and a baggie will be provided to you if you have forgotten to bring one.

Q: Can we bring our own food?
A: We have picnic tables for your use. Please remember to clean up after yourselves….donkeys are very curious and litter can become a choking hazard for them. We always have coffee, tea, & water available for visitors, and you are also welcome to support the donkeys with a purchase from our small selection of pop, juice, chips, & frozen treats!

Q: Is there a smoking area on the premises?
A: No…smoking is not permitted under any circumstance.

Q: Are we allowed to go into the barn or infirmary?
For guest safety, some sections of the barn & infirmary are Staff Only areas.  You are welcome to visit with the donkeys in specified areas of the barn or over the fence when they are outside in the paddock, or on the pasture. For visitor safety we do not allow visitors to enter the gated areas with the donkeys.

Q: Are there washroom facilities?
A: Yes. We have 2 new gender-neutral accessible washrooms available for our visitors!

Q: Are there any specific things we should bring with us?
A: We are an outdoor facility so remember to bring clothing that is weather appropriate. We also suggest sunscreen, bug spray, a water bottle, suitable shoes, a hat, and most importantly, a smile. You will likely get some donkey dust on you so we have washing stations available.

If you require further information please email the Refuge at donkeyrefuge@gmail.com or call (250)679-2778