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General Donations

Click Here to Donate Online

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge Society is a Registered Canadian Charity (#822309001RR0001)

Our online donation page is the best way to donate.  It is secure & safe and the donation is made available for our use to help the donkeys the day after you donate.  You will receive a donation tax receipt immediately via email unless you have opted to receive an annual receipt.  In this case, your online donation will be included in the year-end total.

(Please Note: If you are an existing or annual receipt donor, you will need to “login” to add your donation to your current file.)

Donation for the Donkeys – Giving Where It’s Needed
While many of our donors donate to our specific programs such as the Buy-A-Bale, Sponsorship, or BrayVe Hearts, others prefer to give a non-specific donation for us to use “Wherever It Is Needed Most”.   Donations for the Donkeys can be given on an annual basis or at special times during the year.  Some of these donations come from supporters who have a specific wish for the use of their donated dollars.  We are happy to gratefully accept all donations and we will try our very best to honour our donor’s wish provided it supports our mission, values and overall goal for the Refuge and its resident donkeys.

Our donor contributions arrive by mail, eTransfer (email to: donkeyrefuge@gmail.com), phone (250-679-2778), and in-person (we are currently closed due to Covid-19 & not accepting in-person visits) and every one is appreciated regardless of the amount. Some donors use third party sites such as PayPal and CanadaHelps. We hope that you will consider contributing directly right here on our website.

If you are having any issues with your donation or tax receipt – please check our Administration Notes for Donations


Where do we currently need funding the most?

At this time, we are grateful for any support you may give; here are a few of our newest funds that we hope you might consider supporting:

  • Buy-a-Bale Hay Fund – this annual campaign helps us make sure there is plenty of food for the Donkeys of the Refuge as well as any incoming rescue donkeys.  You can also become a monthly hay donor! (See details below)
  • Senior Barn & Infirmary Expansion – during the life of a donkey, it is not uncommon for them to be under the care of a few different people – this is usually due to a few factors – donkeys live up to 50 years, people acquire donkeys later in life, and sometimes donkeys are abandoned when their care becomes too complicated or too heavy a financial burden.  This means the donkeys we see coming here to the Refuge right now are mostly Seniors, and they have complex health needs.  We want to expand our barn and infirmary to make sure we are always able to provide that care for our donkeys here at the Refuge, and incoming rescues.  Expansion means more space to carefully monitor health issues and provide the specialized care that these equines need.

Support the Donkeys Today!

Planning ahead for the Donkey’s 2022-23 Winter Hay…

When we create our Donkey Care Plan for the winter, we plan for the worst and hope for the best.  If we experience a very cold winter this year, the Donkeys will need more hay per meal to help keep them warm and healthy.

Hay suppliers have let us know that what we used to be able to get hay for ($10-12/bale) will now be upwards of $15/bale.  With this increase, we will need to raise an additional $10,000 for our hay costs, which brings our total hay budget to $60,000 for winter 2022-23.  Your Monthly Donation to the “Buy-A-Bale Hay Fund” will help us supply the 4000 Bales of Hay needed to feed all the donkeys in our care.

How to become a Buy-A-Bale Monthly Donor:

If you would like to become an online Buy-a-Bale Hay Fund Monthly Donor, you can donate online & check the “Make this a Monthly Donation” box after you enter your information.  Or call us at 250-679-2778 and we will be happy to set up your monthly donation for you!