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Special Fundraising Campaigns

Hospital Campaign

Can you imagine the quality of care that our veterinarians could provide to our donkeys if they could x-ray, diagnose and treat our donkeys on site at our own hospital?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to provide a clean, safe place for a sick or injured donkey, and to have room for her best friend to keep her company?

A well equipped healing center – what a difference that would make.

The hospital will include:

  • a special diet food prep and┬ástorage area
  • an equine weigh scale
  • a cleaning station for buckets, cloths and donkey care tools and equipment
  • padded stalls that are big enough for the patient and his best friend
  • an x-ray machine
  • a dispensary for typical medications and first-aid supplies
  • a fully equipped examination area
  • a portable lift
  • surgical capability

We will approach veterinary equipment suppliers to see if they are willing to donate or at least discount the medical equipment.

We will also contact the veterinary pharmaceutical companies for the donation of the medical supplies.


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