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Special Fundraising Campaigns

Currently, we are raising funds to support the Senior Barn Construction in its final phase – heating and cooling to support the Donkeys all year round due to the extreme weather we are seeing because of Climate Change.

You may remember we recently completed the Infirmary Recovery Room!  We are now working on the Senior Barn Construction & raising further funds to insulate the entire existing barn to mitigate the impact on the donkeys of our “new normal” extreme weather conditions.

Construction workers are hard at work on the last phase of the Senior Barn Expansion Project!  You may remember we have completed part 1 of this project – the Infirmary Recovery Room, –  and that it was key to keeping our Donkeys warm and safe throughout the cold snaps that we had this winter.  When the Senior Barn Expansion was delayed due to supply chain issues & the winter season, the extra time gave us a chance to evaluate the original project.  We are going forward with an eye toward the changing climate and its impact on the Donkeys, especially the Seniors in our care.

The new barn is now an integral part of our plans to mitigate the impact of Climate Change on our Senior Donkeys. Heat Domes, Colder Winter Temperatures, and Smokey skies are negatively affecting the Donkey’s well-being so we have decided to insulate both the new and existing Barn and install heat and cooling systems, and windows for cross ventilation.  If all goes well with our Fundraising we will also install Solar Power as well!


Keeping Our Promises: Infirmary Recovery Room is Completed

Donkeys can live up to 50 years, so we consider a senior donkey any donkey over 15.

The Donkey Refuge provides senior donkeys with a permanent home where they receive specialized medical care.

During the life of a donkey, it is not uncommon for them to be under the care of a few different people – this is usually due to a few factors – donkeys live up to 50 years, people acquire donkeys later in life, and sometimes donkeys are abandoned when their care becomes too complicated or too heavy a financial burden.  This means the donkeys we see coming here to the Refuge right now are mostly Seniors, and they have complex health needs.  With your help, we have fully funded this project to make sure we are always able to provide that care for our donkeys here at the Refuge, and incoming rescues.  Expansion means more space to carefully monitor health issues and provide the specialized care that these equines need.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this project!  Whether it was $10 or $500, every penny counts and it means we can make sure Senior Donkeys now in our care, and those coming into our care in the future can live a comfortable, healthy & safe life here at the Refuge.  Thank you.  We wish to extend a special thank you to Sakura’s Hope Foundation, Shuswap Community Foundation – The Margaret Haney Fund held at Vancouver Foundation, Heronbrook Foundation, Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation & Greygates Foundation held at Vancouver Foundation for their gracious support of the Infirmary & Senior Barn Expansion Project.

The Infirmary Recovery Room has been fully funded & built, but if you are interested in Helping Us complete and upgrade the Senior Donkey’s Barn Expansion for climate change mitigation, or insulate the rest of the barn, please click the link below!

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