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Special Fundraising Campaigns

We have met our budget for the project!

Sakura’s Hope Foundation will be matching your donations! 

Thank you for helping us raise $30,000 for the Senior Barn & Infirmary Expansion! 

We have met our adjusted budget of $150,000 for this project!  Your donations have reached the maximum match for Sakura’s Hope Foundation & they will be matching $30,000 for the Senior Barn & Infirmary Expansion.

We are so grateful for the support of all our donors – with your help since April we have raised close to $100,000 in donations for this project, and the rest was supported by Sakura’s Hope Foundation match and a generous grant through the Shuswap Community Foundation of $20,766 from the Margaret Haney Fund (held at Vancouver Foundation).

If there are any monies left over after construction of the expansion from the Sakura’s Hope match of $30,000, this will be used for Senior Donkey care.

Buy-a-Shirt, Build-a-Barn!  We are still selling t-shirts to help fund any little extras we might need in the barn, including heat lamps and mash buckets – click here to check them out.


Donkeys can live up to 50 years, so we consider a senior donkey any donkey over 15.

The Donkey Refuge provides senior donkeys with a permanent home where they receive specialized medical care.

During the life of a donkey, it is not uncommon for them to be under the care of a few different people – this is usually due to a few factors – donkeys live up to 50 years, people acquire donkeys later in life, and sometimes donkeys are abandoned when their care becomes too complicated or too heavy a financial burden.  This means the donkeys we see coming here to the Refuge right now are mostly Seniors, and they have complex health needs.  With your help we have fully funded this project to expand our barn and infirmary to make sure we are always able to provide that care for our donkeys here at the Refuge, and incoming rescues.  Expansion means more space to carefully monitor health issues and provide the specialized care that these equines need.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this project!  Whether it was $10 or $500, every penny counts and it means we can make sure Senior Donkeys now in our care, and those coming into our care in the future can live a comfortable, healthy & safe life here at the Refuge.  Thank you.

This project has been fully funded, but if you would like to donate to Donkey Care, you are welcome to click the link below & help a donkey today.

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