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Special Fundraising Campaigns

Senior Donkeys Need Our Help!

Announcing our Senior Barn & Infirmary Expansion which will provide another 4000 square feet of living space for Senior Donkeys in need of specialized care.  Just in the past few months, we have needed space for the care of these 3 donkeys (and many more):

  • Little Harvey, 17 years old, arrived in February 2022 requiring surgery to remove a cyst from his jaw.
  • Little Dove, 22 years old, needed a warm place to recoup from the cold temperatures of January.
  • Little Noddy, 28 years old, arrived in 2021 and needed a quieter barn as he adjusted to the hustle and bustle of the Donkey Refuge.

Buy-a-Shirt, Build-a-Barn!  We are also selling t-shirts to help fund this projects – click here to check them out.


Donkeys can live up to 50 years, so we consider a senior donkey any donkey over 15.

The Donkey Refuge provides senior donkeys with a permanent home where they receive specialized medical care.

During the life of a donkey, it is not uncommon for them to be under the care of a few different people – this is usually due to a few factors – donkeys live up to 50 years, people acquire donkeys later in life, and sometimes donkeys are abandoned when their care becomes too complicated or too heavy a financial burden.  This means the donkeys we see coming here to the Refuge right now are mostly Seniors, and they have complex health needs.  We want to expand our barn and infirmary to make sure we are always able to provide that care for our donkeys here at the Refuge, and incoming rescues.  Expansion means more space to carefully monitor health issues and provide the specialized care that these equines need.

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