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George – our poster boy for all things that could go wrong.  He is strong and handsome and loves attention. He is a fan favorite because of all of the adversity he has overcome in his young life.  He spent the first six years of his life in a windowless shed without the companionship of other donkeys. Sadly, his upbringing had created behavioural issues that have made it a challenge to find him a healthy place in a herd. We were afraid that he was doomed to a life of solitude.  We didn’t give up on him – and we are so pleased that he has found a place with our mule herd. Thanks to the love and support for George and his buddies, he and the mules now have their own barn and paddock at the Refuge – a safe and happy place to be the great donkey that he is. If you wish to sponsor this wonderful donkey, please choose “Sponsor George” from the drop down list on the donation page. $50 to sponsor. A gift of a donkey sponsorship makes a lovely gift for a loved one.  Just write “Gift Sponsorship” and add their name and address in the “Notes” box on the donation page.

Sponsor George