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Mitch is a real cutie.  He is a fuzzy mini donkey with a red coat and a white diamond marking on his forehead. He came to us when his owners realized that their northern home was too cold for him. He is a bit of a loner but likes his hugs and brushing.  This summer he actually shed his winter coat and looks all sleek and shiny.  He has recently become a guardian for Margherita who lost her friend Hilda this past year. His journey is told in our children’s storybook called Mitch’s Journey Home. If you wish to sponsor this sweet boy please choose “Sponsor Mitch” from the drop down list on the donation page. $50 to sponsor. A gift of a donkey sponsorship makes a lovely gift for a loved one.  Just write “Gift Sponsorship” and add their name and address in the “Notes” box on the donation page.

Sponsor Mitch