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Steve (the Wonder Donkey)

Steve was a stray donkey that had been living in a Dog Pound and he needed to find a home.  He loves to play with his friends in the Mini Herd, Tiny Tim, Marco & Rico.  Because Steve came to us as an ungelded stud, before he could go into the Herd, he needed to be fixed.  After spending a month in recovery from his gelding operation, Steve was excited to run around with his new friends.  From a dog pound in the Lower Mainland to his new forever home here, Steve spreads joy everywhere he goes with his big heart.  You can pick Steve out in the Herd from his heart-shaped nose markings.

If you wish to assist the Refuge in caring for our wonderful Steve, please choose “Sponsor Steve” from the drop-down list on the donation page. $50 to sponsor. A gift of a donkey sponsorship makes a lovely gift for a loved one.  Just write “Gift Sponsorship” and add their name and address in the “Notes” box on the donation page.


Sponsor Steve (the Wonder Donkey)